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Disease Prevention through Nutrition

N. Constantin, W. Wahli (2013). Disease prevention through nutrition. Pan European Networks: Science & Technology 08, 240-241. A broad readership-targeted review about how application of genomic technologies to nutrition can offer innovative strategies to unravel interactions between nutrients and genes, while paving the way towards preventive personalised nutrition. Dowload article hier: Preventive Nutrition_ Constantin Wahli_Sc …Read More

Lifestyle and nutritional imbalances associated with Western diseases : Back to Paleolithic era!

Review on how lifestyle changes and especially dietary habits are at the basis of chronic systemic low grade inflammation, insulin resistance and Western diseases. The authors support the hypothesis that the advent of agriculture and industrial revolutions have contributed to the introduction of some disturbing inflammatory triggers, the adverse effects of which trace back to …Read More

Prof. Wahli chaired at the NUCE International 2012 event in Milan

In the frame of the International Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical, Functional Food & Drinks and Health Ingredient Trade Exhibition (NUCE) held in Milan between September 25th and 27th, Prof. Wahli chaired a scientific session entitled “Omics approaches in nutraceutical science”. At the occasion, Prof. Wahli held a talk on the beneficial effects of the active nutrigenomic ingredient …Read More