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What is combinatorial micronutrition?

Food components are not just fuel for our body. They also function as regulatory molecules in a vast range of biological processes. This is particularly the case of micronutrients, those molecules (vitamins, minerals, oligo-elements, phytonutrients, essential amino acids and fatty acids) that the body needs in small amounts but which are essential for maintaining and …Read More

What is malnutrition?

Malnutrition refers to a pathological condition resulting from inadequate or unbalanced food intake. Unbalance can be caused, of course, by insufficient food intake (undernutrition), which is the major nutritional issue of developing countries. 925 million people worldwide did not have access to enough food in 2010, which corresponds to one person out of 7. The …Read More

Can Multiple Micronutrient Interventions Improve Child Health?

In the past few decades, many studies have entered the “micronutrient area”, examining the benefits of micronutrients in health, especially in the context of improving maternal and child health. In particular, micronutrient deficiencies early in life lead to growth faltering, which results in stunting and its associated adverse outcomes such as impaired cognitive development and …Read More

Action in Rwanda on track !

The Actigenomics Foundation’s first action, to be carried out on malnourished children in Rwanda, has now started. In reaction to the disastrous consequences of denutrition-mediated impaired immunity in children, the Foundation has developed a micronutritional reinforcement project, in order to propose an efficient nutritional and economical answer to this major problem in children’s growth. The …Read More

Can combinatorial micronutrition help avoiding sunburn and promote healthy suntanning?

Dietary-induced UV-protection as an emerging concept With summertime inviting us to sun-exposed open air activities or tempting us to lie out at sandy beaches, articles on prevention to sun exposure are flourishing in health-related magazines and webpages. They all remind us that avoiding the sun (especially between noon and 4 pm), wearing protecting clothes (hats, …Read More