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Prof Wahli’s profile as an author is now on Futura-Sciences

Consult Prof Walter Wahli’s author profile on the Futura-Sciences  website, the French 1st website dedicated to sciences, gathering more than 2 million visitors each month. Discover his carrier, from his PhD thesis in Bern, Switzerland, to the directorship of a whole Institute at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland (Center for Integrative Genomics), including visiting associate …Read More

La nutrigénomique dans votre assiette

Wahli, W., Constantin, N. (2011). La nutrigénomique dans votre assiette. Ed. De Boeck. ISBN : 978-2-8041-6329-7, 212 p. A popularized book on nutrigenomics, dedicated to every one concerned about what science can develop to overcome growing prevalence of obesity and associated diseases. The increase in metabolic disorders suggests a mismatch between modern diet and lifestyle and …Read More