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Dr. Passwater: “FDA’s confusion about selenium health claims gets in the way of letting the public know of selenium anti-cancer properties”

Selenium and cancer expert, Dr. Richard A. Passwater is author of four books on selenium and co-patentee on selenium nutrients and other selenium compounds. He gathered more than 50 years of laboratory research experience with selenium and began laboratory animal research with selenium and cancer in the 1960s. In a very engaged online article for …Read More

Prof. Jeffrey Gordon: “The gut microbiome may drive a new area of precision nutrition”

In an interview for Science podcast, Prof. Jeffrey Gordon, principal investigator at the Center for Genome Science and Systems Biology at the Washington University School of Medicine, talked about the importance and future research perspectives in the field of microbiota, especially in regard to disease prevention and food supply to a growing world population. We …Read More

Prof J. Kaput : “21th century science needs a new research strategy”

At a seminar given on May 21th at the Center of Integrative Genomics of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, James Kaput, Head of the Clinical Translation Unit at the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences, talked about research strategies for personalized nutrition. He said the basic assumptions for designing research strategies in the 20th century, particularly …Read More