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Under normal circumstances, the immune system is highly efficient, providing multiple defences against the onslaught of outside invaders. However, in many diseases, ranging from autoimmune diseases to AIDS, there is evidence of mild to severe dysfunction of the immune system. Three natural ways to bolster the immune system are nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. Maintaining a good nutritional status and adequate micronutrient supply in the body is essential for mounting an effective immune response to opportunistic infections. Nutrition is a critical determinant of immune responses and malnutrition the most common cause of immunodeficiency worldwide.


Using state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies in the domain of micronutrition and nutritional genomics, Actigenomics has conceived and developed an efficient nutritional therapy, IMMUNITUM®, for reinforcing immunity without any side effect. IMMUNITUM® can be used in monotherapy or in combination with other therapeutic approaches for the strengthening of the immune system. 


Stability: stable for 3 years
Physical appearance: Oil form, Tablets

Beneficial Effects

Controlled clinical studies demonstrate a significant aptitude of IMMUNITUM® to reinforce the immune system of patients presenting evidence of a low immune system. In particular, it has shown preventive actions in decreasing or even suppressing winter infections or flu syndrome. Moreover, infection frequency and duration in populations with broncho-pulmonary risk, as well as the number and length of hospitalizations, were cut down by half. Used as a therapeutic complement, IMMUNITUM® has contributed to a 50% diminution of the frequency and duration of infections, and of the number and length of hospitalizations for patients suffering from severe respiratory diseases, thus improving life quality. Finally, IMMUNITUM® has been shown to strengthen natural defences in AIDS populations, and to increase the efficiency of AntiRetroViral (ARV) treatments to a maximal level.




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