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Founding of the Actigenomics Foundation

In order to demonstrate the usefulness of nutrigenomic-based micronutritional supplementation in public health issues on a large scale, The Actigenomics Foundation was created in early 2012.

Aim of The Actigenomics Foundation is, in a first step, to develop and implement applications of functional micronutrition and nutrigenomics for the benefit of underprivileged populations. In a second step, the objective is to establish the production and distribution means adapted to the geographic and economic conditions of concerned populations.

To date, a targeted action with the objective of strengthening the immune status is undertaken in Rwanda for children from 1 to 5 years old suffering from malnutrition, and therefore from weakening of their immune system with serious consequences.
Another action is being set up in Togo, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Rwanda and concerns HIV-affected populations receiving or not an antiretroviral treatment.

These actions should help to open up large scale actions that will be conducted in collaboration with national and international public institutions concerned with these topics, as well as in collaboration with active private donors and companies which see the importance of bringing their contribution to diffusion of the benefits of knowledge and science advances for those who need them most.

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